A Bigger Vision

Considering how long it has been since I’ve posted on this blog – especially about its intended purpose – one might assume I have lost my passion for sexual abuse awareness and prevention. It’s true that I have been derailed for the past year or so, but the time has come to get back on track. The last few weeks have brought more inspiration than ever and I’m excited about the new mission and vision God has given me to make a difference in our communities. It’s a big vision – bigger than I ever would have dreamed of dreaming of on my own. And it’s a life vision – a vision that begins today with small and practical things and extends largely and effectively into the future. Here’s what I’m talking about:

  1. I’d like to develop an age appropriate presentation/curriculum that would teach middle school age kids about their rights over their own bodies. As adults we assume that kids naturally know that they don’t have to allow abuse, but the truth is they don’t. Love, loyalty, and family ties blur the lines of what a child will accept from a person they trust; we need to be purposefully teach what is acceptable rather than blindly hoping that they’ll figure it out on their own.
  • This presentation/curriculum would not only provide a safe and informative dialogue where children who are being abused can get help but would also seek to prevent future abuse by teaching the kids what signs to watch for in the pedophile-victim grooming process.
  1. I’d also like to design a pamphlet to inform parents of the risk and prevalence of sexual abuse and provide guidelines for prevention. As well as the pamphlet, I’d like to determine the best way to get it into the parent’s hands.
  1. I’ve already begun and will continue to contact Oklahoma’s state government to encourage (and hopefully help with) the development of a state sanctioned abuse awareness program.

As you can see, my hopes and plans extend far beyond the scope of this blog. And, strangely enough, I’m not the least bit intimidated (OK, maybe the least little bit) by the work ahead even though I know that it extends far beyond the scope of me. Or maybe that’s the reason I’m not (too) intimidated – I know that I cannot possibly do this on my own. With that in mind, I’d like to get together with a group of people who would be willing to donate their time and talents to help obtain these goals. It would be a one hour long, informal meeting for the purpose of brainstorming and talking out ideas and/or any foreseeable obstacles. If you have ever wished there was something you could do to impact the appalling prevalence of childhood sexual abuse or if you’re simply a parent who wants to be intentional about protecting your own children, this is your opportunity. Please contact me, either through a comment here, a Facebook message or an email (jegetzfreid@aol.com) if you would like to join me. I look forward to taking the next steps on this extraordinary journey…and I hope to be taking them with you.


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