To Mothers

Our children are precious.

Invaluable. Priceless. To be treasured.

I think of the day my own first child was born: the awe that arose in my heart, the wonder and amazement of new life. How incredible it was.

Fiercely protective – that’s how I felt. Ready and willing in that moment to place myself between my child and anything, anything, that would attempt to hurt him. The innocence of his heart was to be preserved, no matter the cost.

Our children are precious.

We know that everyday there are men and women who give their lives for the sake of another – in service to their country, their community, their values, and their freedoms. Doubtless you yourself would give your life for another if necessary – your husband, your child, your family, perhaps even a stranger. To do so is honorable. More than that, to give your life for the sake of another is the very definition of love.

But your child…would you give your child for the sake of another? Would you sacrifice your child on the altar of love or friendship or nobility?

Absolutely not. Never. Not for anything in this world.

And yet…

Every day there are children whose lives are offered up by their mothers.  Some out of fear, denial, or indifference. Some out of a twisted form of love that leaves the child unprotected by her protector, despised by the heart that once assigned her value beyond measure; love that does not honor the child at all, but rather chooses to honor the child’s vilest enemy: her abuser.

Her body lives, but her heart, oh her heart, lies abandoned on the rocks.

When a mother chooses to turn a blind eye to the suffering of her child…

When a mother chooses to protect her husband, boyfriend, or father rather than her child…

That is not love.

Mothers, I beseech you, love your children.


2 thoughts on “To Mothers

  1. It is amazing how many women have a skewed view of love and what is normal. I read Wendy’s comment on a previous post and was shocked, but if that is all she knew… We need to teach parents how to be parents.

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